Hydrogen Gas Plants

Hydrogen gas by Ammonia Cracker

Ammonia crackers are the most economical way of producing hydrogen gas at site Ammonia cracking unit is used at the high temperature (850 to 950 degree C), which is maintained by the electrically heated furnace. A centrifugal cast retort is installed in the center of this furnace. The reaction is done in the presence of nickel catalyst. The process separates its vital element into 75 % hydrogen and 25% nitrogen gas at dew point of (-) 30-degree C. Hydrogen produced through ammonia cracking can be considered as good as pure since nitrogen is an inert gas. A molecular sieve purifier is used after ammonia cracking unit for reducing residual ammonia content and to get very dry gas. This reduces ammonia down to 1-ppm level and dries gas up to (-) 80°C dew point.

Technical Specifications of An Ammonia Cracker (Hydrogen Plant)

  • – Capacities up to 300 Nm3/h
  • – Hydrogen content approx. 75 % by vol.
  • – Nitrogen content approx. 25 % by vol.
  • – NH3 content less than 150 ppm